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Philco Transitone 53 761 1953Sears Silvertone 6009 1946/7

I began accumulating old radios in my room as a teenager. The earliest radios in my collection were souvenirs from my parents’ heyday, saved in the attic and discovered during my continual search for connection to the bygone eras of my parents and grandparents. Sifting through the forgotten momentos in boxes upstairs, I found the ivory Sears Silvertone. It was my mom’s radio as a teen in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The Philco clock radio helped shape my earliest understanding of the power of radio to entertain and educate. It sat on a shelf in the kitchen, and was on every day when I woke up, and while my mom was in the kitchen…which was a good part of the day.

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